Bialógica – Bulk grocery

Bialógica grocery store in bulk, emerged from the love and respect for the land, my family, the traditions, the stories and the authenticity that I seek in my life.

This space is a tribute to the old bulk grocery stores and to our people, heritages and slow philosophy. Here we awaken the five senses, upon entering Bialógica, a journey begins right away through the good smells and its colorful and simple visual characteristics, where everything can be observed calmly. There are biological, natural, ecological products with a zero waste policy, in search of sustainability.

Order via email or phone and pick up your order at our store or we will ship it to your home.

Bulk Grocery

Bulk Grocery

Bulk Grocery - cleaning


Bulk Grocery - toys


Bulk Grocery - personal hygiene

Personal Hygiene

Bulk Grocery - zero waste

Reusable Zero Waste

Bulk Grocery - bags and baskets

Bags and Baskets