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Our history

RTP1 report, on the program Aqui Portugal (3 April 2021)
Bialógica realized a girl’s dream and presents her project on national television. Here you can take a look at our store:

Bialógica came from the love and respect for the land, for my family, for the traditions, for the stories and for the authenticity that I look for in my life.

This space is a tribute to the old bulk grocery stores and to our people, heritages and slow philosophy. Here we awaken the five senses, upon entering Bialógica, a journey begins right away through the good smells and its colorful and simple visual characteristics, where everything can be observed calmly. There are biological, natural, ecological products with a zero waste policy, in search of sustainability.

I’ve created a space where different generations can communicate, enliven thought and memory. Getting back to listening to each other. This is Bia’s logic.

I realize how important it is to combine the modernity of the new times with what I defend. As I want to reach everyone who doesn’t have the opportunity to come to the store in person, I decided to create this Bialógica virtual catalogue. I hope that in each order received by you, you feel Bialógica entering your homes with respect and affection.

Ana Beatriz Bernardo de Jesus